You are currently viewing 77+ Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Message 2021

77+ Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Message 2021

Hello Friends Do You Want To Know What Romantic Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Message Or Girl Or How To Do Romantic Talks With Your Wife, Then You Are On The Absolutely Right Post. Because Today We Will Tell You How To Do Romantic And Loving Things And How You Can Bring Someone Closer To Your Love.

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS 2021

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS
  • You Are Not Just My Phone Password, You Are Also The Password For The Smile On My Face!
  • Something Has Happened To My Eyes, It Is Not Going Away From You!
  • You Are So Cute That Even If I Don’t Want To Msg, Even Then The Hand Itself Starts Moving On The Keypad!
  • You Are Like A Camera Whenever I See Your Photo, My Automatic Smile Comes!
  • The Doctor Has Advised That Your Photo Before Sleeping, It Is Important To Watch Or Else Heart Attack Can Come!
  • This Life Was Going On, But With Your Coming I Started Living!
  • I’m Sorry Because I Don’t Think You And I Have Probably Met Somewhere, Because I Can Never Forget Such A Beautiful And Beautiful Face!
  • Quickly Give Me Some Tweezers Because I Feel Like I Am Having A Dream!
  • Your Eyes Are As Blue As The Ocean And I Get Immersed In Them Every Time!
  • I Will Not Change My Mind About You, The Year Will Change But The Condition Of The Heart Will Not Change.
  • Do You Have Maps Because I Am Lost In Your Eyes!
  • Someone Quickly Call God, Because An Angel Is Lost And That Angel Is Chatting With Me Here!
  • Was Your Father In The Air Force? Because You Are Like A Bomb!
  • I’m Just Intoxicated By Your Love, And There’s No Need For Any More Intoxicants Than It’s Hangover!
  • You Look Like The Queen Of Thieves Because You Stole My Heart!
  • Are You A Magician? Because Whenever I See You, Everything Else Disappears!
  • Do You Have A Vacuum Cleaner In Your Heart? You Have A Very Pure Heart!
  • Ever Since The Inverter Of Your Love Has Been Put In This Heart, Since Then The Battery Of This Heart Does Not Get Low!

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS
  • The Car Doesn’t Shine That Much Even After Polishing, As Much As You Do Without Makeup!
  • I Got Sick From Your Smell, Ever Since I Saw You, Fell In Love!
  • Wherever I Look, I See Your Picture, My Luck Is Visible In Your Face!
  • On Every Breath Of Mine, The Name Is Yours, I Am Happy Today Because This Feeling Is Yours!
  • There Is No Happiness As Much As Winning The WorldCup As Much As Getting By Talking To You!
  • The Hotspot Of Your Heart Is Probably On, Because The Wifi Of My Heart Is Getting Connected To You!
  • Everyone Needs Water, Oxygen To Live, But I Only Want You!
  • Where Do You Hide Your Wings? Because You Are Like An Angel!
  • Please Please Join The Army, Because Seeing You, The Enemy Will Get Injured!
  • We People Need Ak47 Because Your Eyes Are Enough To Kill!
  • Everything Is Given By God, There Is Wealth, There Is Courage, The Only Thing Missing Is You!

Flirty Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS

  • There Was The Intoxication Of Your Love In Which We Were Lost, You Didn’t Even Know When We Became Yours!
  • I Can Be The King Anywhere But, There Is Nothing More Fun To Rule Over Your Heart!
Flirty Things To Say To Your Crush In SMS
  • We Are So Romantic That If We Take A Mobile Hand For A While, It Also Gets Hot!
  • I Will Hold Your Hand And Take You Away From This World, Where There Is No One Other Than Me To See You.
  • Thank You, You Are In My Life, You Make This World Look Beautiful To Me.
  • If Doing Lipstick Is The Beauty Of Girls, Then It Is Also The Duty Of Boys To Taste It.
  • Once You Step Into My Life, I Will Keep My Whole Life At Your Feet.
  • Look, When You Keep On Talking, You Just Keep On Talking, And Keep On Talking… I Swear You Look Very Sweet & Cute.
  • Your Beauty Makes People Crazy, As If It Gives Coolness In The Sun, Stay Safe Laugh On Your Lips, Because This Laughter Feeds You Like The Moon..!!
  • Whenever I Am Away From You, I Re-Read Your Old Messages And Letters With A Smile! Because I Love You So Much.
  • Listen, You Are A Wonderful Shooter, Also Attacks The Heart Directly With A Slanting Eye…!!!!
  • Don’t Sit ONLINE And Don’t See My DP On WHATSAPP, If You Want To Understand Me Then Do REPLY!!
  • There Is No Witness But Madam You Have Stolen My Heart!!
  • Love Means Your Laughing And My Entanglement, Your Laughing Was Like Getting Water In The Desert!!

Seductive Text Messages For Her 2021

Seductive Text Messages For Her 2021
  • Oh Sweetheart, Do Some Mercy On My Heart, My Heart Is Of 16 GB And Your Memories Of 124 GB…!!!
  • Take Care Of Yourself Too, Because I Have No One Else Like You!!
  • Everything Has Changed In life, But The Habit Of Remembering You And Loving You Has Not Changed Till Date..!!!
  • Listen, Your Heart Will Also Beat, Your Eyes Will Also Beat, I Will Make Such A Habit That You Will Yearn To Meet Me Every Moment…!!!
  • The Heart Is Your Only Desire, The Heart Has Love For You, Whether You Come Or Not, We Will Wait…!!!
  • There Is Only You Who Does Not Appreciate Us. The Rest Of Your Friends Still See Dreams Of My Love…!
  • Sometimes Our Status Is Not For Getting Thousands Of Likes, It Is Also Meant For Getting One Person To Read..!!!
  • Listen, DSLR Is Rubbish, My Eyes Are Enough To Focus On You..!!
  • Listen BABY There Will Be A Little Jealousy When Every Girl On The Way Will See Her HERO, But Don’t Worry, You Will Remain My HEROINE.
  • Everyone Says That Should Love Only Once In Life, But My Heart Wants To Love You Again And Again.
  • You Hacked My Heart Like This Neither Restore Nor Crash Could Happen.

There Are Some People Who Say Disneyland Is The Most Beautiful Place In This World, Looks Like Maybe They Didn’t See Your Arms!

The Eye Is The Tongue Of The Heart In Love; True Desire Is Always Unspoken; Even If There Is A Pain In Love, What Should Be Panic; Only By Pain Makes Desire And Youth.

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