7 Types of Rest You Need To Become Your Best Self

7 Types of Rest You Need To Become Your Best Self

Most people equate a good night’s sleep with rest. While that may be true, that is not all that rest is. The true definition of rest encompasses a holistic recovery of your body from everything that drains it. From helping you feel mentally ready and emotionally fulfilled to creatively recharged and physically well-rested, rest can get you truly prepared for all that is to come.

But just like anything else in life, being well-rested is easier said than done. With stress being a primary emotion so many people feel and the busy lives we lead, it’s not surprising that people don’t have the time to prioritize rest. And while the kind of rest needed differs from person to person, the important thing is to fight against the urge to stay busy and take time out for yourself.

Here are the seven kinds of rest you need to get back to your game, stronger than ever before:

Number 1 – Physical Rest

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where your body is not in sync with you. You may have tasks on your to-do list, but all your body wants is some rest. Listen to it because physical exhaustion is what you’re experiencing. Most of the time, when you feel like you could use a break, all that you need is a good night’s sleep.

And no, that doesn’t involve staying in bed staring at the ceiling or your phone. Known as passive physical rest, sleeping for a good 8 to 10 hours, away from all distractions, can help you wake up to your best, most energetic self.

You could also benefit from active physical rest by engaging in relaxing activities such as yoga and stretching exercises. Getting a massage can also be an excellent way to unwind and relax.

Number 2 – Mental Rest

One of the most overlooked forms of rest, is rest for your mind. Whether it’s that overwhelming feeling of stress, indecision, and confusion, or the fact that your productivity is at an all-time low, it’s a signal for you to take a break and rest your mind.

Start by setting reminders on your phone to take a break every few hours. This break could include anything from listening to your favorite music to going for a walk outside.

And, as much as technology helps us, sometimes it can lead to a great deal of mental stress and exhaustion. So, in the spirit of taking a mental break, spend some time away from all things digital and see how much better you’ll feel.

Number 3 – Sensory Rest

Unless you’re living in the mountains or cottage country, chances are you’re experiencing sensory overload with all the stimuli surrounding you. From too many colors and lights to too much noise, everything happening around you affects your senses and not in a good way.

Maybe you feel like pulling your hair out because your phone constantly keeps ringing. Or, all that screen-time is burning your eyes and giving you a headache; that’s your cue to take a sensory break. Something as simple as closing your eyes and stepping away from all the chaos for a bit can work wonders.

Number 4 – Creative Rest

You don’t always have to be an artist, a painter, or a writer to know that you’re creative. Thinking of ideas to pitch in meetings also requires creativity. No matter what level of creating your job requires, if you’ve reached a point where you feel like you’re frequently hitting a creative roadblock, it’s probably time to take a break.

Creative rest means looking for what inspires you and what gets your creative juices flowing again. Anything from listening to your favorite music or reading a good book to watching an inspiring film, singing, or dancing can help.

Number 5 – Emotional Rest

The word no is an excellent example of how small things can hold great power. The challenge is being able to use the word when you most need to. Many people end up saying yes in situations where that’s the last thing they want to do.

From making you feel emotionally drained and upset to stealing all your good energy, there is a substantial psychological and emotional cost of not being able to say no. If this is the case for you, it’s probably time to take a step back and rethink what prevents you from asserting yourself when you disagree with a situation.

Start by saying no to small, inconsequential things, and let it empower you to say no in more significant cases where you know what’s best for you. Emotional rest is especially important if you have a daily role that requires much emotional investment, such as a teacher, a caregiver, or a parent.

Number 6 – Social Rest

The people in our lives have a huge influence on how we feel about things, even ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outgoing person or someone who likes to keep to themselves; social exhaustion can creep up on you if you’re constantly engaging with people that drain you or expect too much of you.

While we can’t always avoid these people, we certainly can plan some time away from them. The best way to do a social reset is to spend more time with those who care about you. People who are kind, encouraging, and easy to be around. Try this and see how it changes everything for the better.

Number 7 – Spiritual Rest

No matter what you’ve accomplished or how successful you’ve become, without understanding how it all fits together, you may find yourself feeling empty and alone. This is indeed a call for some spiritual rest, which provides a sense of purpose and belonging.

It can be spending time in nature or engaging in prayer or meditation. Whatever it is, it’s important to seek out practices that bring rest and healing to your soul. A busy work life with an equally overwhelming personal life could call for mental, sensory, and creative rest.

When life and people become too much to handle, emotional, social, and spiritual rest should be your go-to. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to rest. What’s important is being self-aware and doing what’s best for you.


It’s no secret that we all need to rest in order to perform at our best. But not all rest is created equal. We hope our post gave you a better sense of what rest looks like to different people and the important role it plays in your life. If you have any questions or concerns about rest or sleep, please comment below anytime. We’re always happy to help!

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