15 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in 2021

15 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in 2021

Ever since the start of the millennium, there have been technological advances that have paved the path to success for many small businesses. The way people shop has changed dramatically, which means that some old-fashioned industries are see huge growth in today’s society.

Because of this, it can be incredibly easy for would-be millennial entrepreneurs to get ahead with any number of new ideas, but picking out what will make you money can be a bit more difficult. But rest assured: if you choose one of these 15 most profitable small business ideas, you’ll be on your way to quick success!

Pet Sitting

Have you ever had to go out of town for work and realize you don’t have enough time to properly care for your pet? You could look into boarding them or maybe just putting them in the hands of a friend, but that’s actually really detrimental to their well-being.

If you can find entrepreneurs who’ve already successfully started this business, then contact them! That way, you’ll be able to work with people who already know what they’re doing, and it will make the whole process easier. Plus, if you do this correctly (don’t lie about how much money they make; show them the profits), you’ll be able to hire someone to visit your own house once in a while!

Carpet Cleaning/Shampooing

If you have your own business, it’s vital that you take care of your customers. The last thing they want is for you to have a subpar experience with the products you sell, but there are ways that you can make sure they stay happy. Carpet cleaning is an easy way to do this, especially with the advancements in technology today.

With all of the various cleaning solutions on the market today, many people are looking for someone else to take care of their carpets instead of doing it themselves. You can get ahead by having your staff clean carpets for customers after setting up appointments with them ahead of time.


One of the best ways to make money is to jump on something before other people catch on. If you can do that, you won’t just get the money, but you’ll also get a strong following. Parents who need someone to watch their kids while they’re away at work could be looking for your services.

Whether you choose daycare or just want to take care of individuals who need help, there’s always an opportunity for people to pay for childcare. Of course, there are a lot of rules and regulations around this industry, so make sure that you know how things work before handling them otherwise.

Advertising Agencies

Small advertising agencies are incredibly profitable and in demand, and they’re easy to start. While the barriers to entry are low, license requirements will vary. For example, in Florida you can do advertising work without a license for up to $ 3,000 a year.

In New York, advertising agencies need a license from the Department of State, and most also require an approved bond. In New York, you need $ 50,000 in surety before starting an agency.

Mobile Apps

You can start this business with little money. The idea is to create a mobile app for your business, market it properly and wait for the results to come in. By creating a mobile app, it will make it easier for customers to access your services and products.

SEO Services

SEO services are a growing industry with room for new entrepreneurs. It’s one of the best ways to provide value to your clients without having to build an app or software. A lot of people don’t realize that there are different types of SEO services available – like social media marketing, content writing, link building, etc.

Lighting Repair Services

If you have a background in electrician work, you may be able to provide a profitable lighting repair service. With an aging population and many older homes being built with dimming, flickering, and malfunctioning light fixtures, there is a high demand for qualified professionals to fix these troubles.

Generators and Solar Panels

If you want to be prepared for the best-case scenario, then this is a good investment for you. Generators are available in many different sizes, so it won’t be too difficult to find one that fits your needs. Of course, you also need to know how much power you’ll need to run your appliances.

It’s important that you choose the right size for your needs, otherwise you may end up with a generator that you can’t use. I recommend that you buy a generator that can run your refrigerator and a few lights at the minimum.

Dog Walking Service

If you think about it, pet sitting is a service that people will pay for because it’s a way to go on vacation without having to leave their furry friend behind. It’s a low-cost service that won’t require any formal education or training. You just have to be willing to learn more about animal behavior and how to keep your pets safe, as well as knowledgeable about the various breeds of dogs.

Funeral Home

Funeral homes are a sweet spot for the business owner who wants to serve the community by providing a service that people can’t or won’t do themselves. People are willing to spend upwards of $8,000 on funeral preparations, but only 10% of Americans have saved the money they’ll need for their own funeral.

Nail Salon

With the right location, you can make hundreds of dollars a day. If you are self-employed then it won’t cost you much to start your own nail salon. All you will need is a chair, table, foot bath, polish dryer and some quality nail polish.

Pet Grooming Service

This service is a great option for those who do not have the space to own a pet of their own. It is a work-at-home job that may require some training or apprenticeship to learn the trade. There are many ways to advertise this service. One way is through flyers, brochures, and even social media.

Garage Door Installation Company

If you have a knack for working on cars and enjoy keeping your garage neat and tidy, consider opening a garage door installation company. Many homeowners need the services of a professional to install their new doors. You will be able to charge around $120 per hour for this service.

Construction Contractors

Construction contractors are one of the most profitable small business ideas in 2021. As residential and commercial building booms across the world, there’s demand for construction services that will help repair, renovate, demolish, and construct buildings. There are many different types of construction companies to consider starting up.

Custom Web Design and Development Services

If you are a computer technology or web design expert, this could be your chance to make it work. Every business out there needs a website. Web Design and Development is a booming industry. It has been estimated to grow about 22% in the next few years.


We hope you enjoyed our article about the most profitable small business ideas for the future. Some of these ideas will be good for beginners and others will be more difficult, but we hope that you can find an idea that is perfect for you and your business. If you want more information on any of the topics we covered, please contact us.

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