13 Things Getting Rich Will Change About You

13 Things Getting Rich Will Change About You

Your life will never be the same once you become rich, and that’s a proven fact. Have you ever wondered why some folks always talk spitefully of wealthy people?

Well, most of the time, it’s because of the changes in their lives. Some people often say; so and so has changed; they’re no longer the same person. And while this is often misinterpreted as pride, it may not be the case. You don’t expect a new millionaire to live as they used to, nor act the same way as they always have. The truth is, money changes people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

13 things that are bound to change once you enter the rich category

So, in today’s post, we’ll discuss things that are bound to change once you enter the wealthy category. So let’s start.

#1 Friends

Most people say that they would never change their friends. I mean, if you have known someone from kindergarten, it’s impossible even to entertain the thought. But this is what happens. Over time, especially through your building wealth, you will have less time for building relationships as your focus will be solely on establishing yourself.

You won’t have time to hang out with your so-called friends, and over time, you will discover you have less and less in common. This becomes more prevalent when you get your breakthrough and become wealthy. You will realize you no longer have the same goals or even problems.

Thus you will slowly gravitate towards other rich people with whom you share common ground. And while you may still hang out with your friends, every the dynamics of your relationship will never be the same. Over time your new friends will take over.

#2 Vacations

This one is pretty obvious. Once you are incredibly wealthy, the world becomes your playground. You will now have a broader range of options for destinations since money is no longer a problem. You won’t need to create a limited travel budget as you may have in the past.

Instead of making vacation plans three to six months in advance, you can decide to go anywhere at any given time. Paris? Check, Milan? Check, Bora Bora? Check. You can go anywhere without thinking twice about it.

#3 You Won’t Care

Let me explain this clearly. Growing up with little money forces one to always seek approval from others. If you meet someone you like, you will probably ask your close friends or family members what they think about them. This is what we call social validation. It’s something most of us are conditioned to do.

At work, you will be forced to seek validation from your supervisor so that you can feel some sense of achievement. When your boss or supervisor doesn’t recognize your achievement, you somehow feel like a failure. However, this isn’t the case when you become self-sufficient, independent, and wealthy.

Once you get there, you automatically stop caring about what others think, nor care much about their opinion on how you live your life. The most probable cause is when you get rich, many people will start sucking it up to you, and, likely, you won’t need to impress anyone anymore.

#4 Goals

When you’re wealthy, your goals are different from the average person’s. For instance, your goal as a not-so-favoristic person would be to; save enough money for a house deposit or your children’s university. When you become rich, your goals change. The narrative of being successful changes.

Instead of saving enough money for your house deposit, you’ll be looking for suitable locations to buy more houses or even investing in multi-family units. Having a million dollars in the bank would be normalcy, which used to be a big deal in the past. Many millionaires shift from money goals and become more interested in creating generational wealth, significance, building influence, and even making a difference to leave a legacy on earth.

#5 Your Assets and Property

This is quite obvious. When you step into the millionaire sphere, you will upgrade your house, car, furniture, and you will probably own your own company. You will have a diversified portfolio with different assets such as stocks, bonds and you will probably also invest in multiple startups with high returns.

#6 Everyone will want You

Have you ever wondered how life would be like as a hot young blonde? Well, once you are rich, you will know exactly how it feels. Everyone will want to be around your presence. It will be as though you emit some form of human magnetic attraction. Even Jay Z once said, “there’s no such thing as an ugly billionaire.” Women and men will flirt with you and will want to be you. All your flaws will seem to disappear in front of their eyes.

You will become a semi-god, and you will start noticing people treating you differently. Sometimes all this attention may not be good, as you could attract some people with ill intentions. Once you achieve a certain degree of wealth, it’s almost inevitable not to get sued. Tell me of one billionaire who hasn’t had a lawsuit against them. So, if you are planning on being extremely wealthy, well, get used to this being your new reality!

#7 Taxes

The taxman will visit you a lot more than they did when you were not so financially ok. It’s not just your friends, family, and crude lawyers who will be after your money! Once you are wealthy, it’s obvious your tax returns will increase. No one likes taxes.

If you’re earning, say, 40k a year, you will be bummed about that eight grand that’s deducted from your paycheck. Now can you picture a whole 8 million? As your earnings increase, so do your taxes. When you get to the point of paying millions in taxes, you will be very interested in finding ways of paying less. This is why rich people have personal accountants; the price you pay for a CPA could be worth millions.

#8 What You Consume

Now that you can afford more than ramen noodles and tuna, your palette will change. You will be more open to new options, particularly healthier ones. Your food life will revolve around organic this, and organic that. You will realize there’s much more to life than KFC fried chicken and Taco Bell’s nachos. Also, you will spend less time in the kitchen and ordering takeouts since chances are, you will have a full-time chef. So, goodbye Subway and hello, five-star cuisines.

#9 Things That Make You Happy

Does money buy happiness? The answer is yes and no. Money can help you buy things that could potentially make you smile… like a trip to the Maldives, a beautiful wedding, and so on… you get the jargon. But as you get richer, the things that would make you happy tend to change, and you begin to realize, money can’t buy them. For instance, when you don’t have a lot of money, you probably don’t have many experiences, so your first time in a Lambo would be an OMG moment! A pool in someone’s backyard is quite a big deal too!

On the other hand, they don’t mean much anymore when you are wealthy and have had all these experiences. You will find the most valuable things you probably took for granted when you were not so wealthy. This includes things like family time, great health, and authentic friendships.

#10 Leaving A Legacy

When you are poor, your focus is on making enough money to fund your next meal or to pay off that loan or make rent, right? When you are wealthy, these things are no longer a problem. Your focus shifts and you realize you won’t live forever. Your mortality status kicks in, and you will start questioning how people will remember you once you are gone.

So instead of leaving a whole lot of wealth for your children and grandkids to blow, you start thinking of building foundations and leaving a legacy for your family name. This is why most wealthy people are quite philanthropic and have published books of their life stories.

They don’t want to die and be remembered as that rich man or rich woman, but they want to leave behind a name that will last years after they are six feet under. This is why you will find many wealthy people have built hospitals, charities, parks, and even universities.

#11 Out of Touch with Reality

When you are wealthy, chances are you are not familiar with what happens within the rest of society. You will be so wrapped up in your new life and with your new status that you won’t be familiar with the happenings of the rest of the world.

Remember, we also mentioned that you would lose many friends, most of whom are not in your income bracket. You will have no contact with people within the middle or lower classes, which will eventually lead you to be out of touch with reality. It’s a big problem that the wealthy face. Even in the sitcom; Arrested Development, a wealthy man once asked his son, “you want a banana?” The son responded, “How much will it be? Ten dollars?”

This highlights what happens when you become wealthy. You will probably no longer shop for yourself, and you won’t have a clue as to what basic things cost. As a result, most rich people aren’t particularly popular in societies. They at times get the cold shoulder and are labeled as “stuck up” due to their ignorance of reality. So the point here is, it’s of key importance for one not to lose touch with reality.

#12 Less Time

Most people think wealthy people have all the time in the world. I mean, they have all sorts of workers, have access to all services, and have managers to run their businesses. It’s easy to believe that when you consider all the support they receive.

But, in reality, the truth could not be. Further, they have less time. You will be surprised to find out that they have full schedules booked months in advance. Most wealthy people know where they are supposed to be over the next 30 days. They have it all planned out in their calendars.

To wealthy people, time is everything. At the same time, it may be hard to make your first few millions; maintaining the growth and your acquired wealth maybe even harder. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain wealth and build more.

For example, Taylor Swift once mentioned she had booked tours for the next two years. She had a full two-year schedule booked in advance! To be wealthy and maintain that wealth, you must be willing to sacrifice that free time and put in hours of work.

This is because it’s much easier to lose wealth than to build it. You will no longer have a lot of free time. I guess that’s why they say, if you want to know if someone is wealthy, you have to make an appointment through their PA to see them.

#13 Your reputation becomes everything

When you are wealthy, your reputation becomes one of the most important things in your life. In the past, you would have been ok with posting a drunk image of yourself on social media, but when you are extremely rich, you probably won’t do that.

Once you have achieved a certain level of success, reputation becomes a lot more critical than before. The image becomes everything, and you will only show the world what won’t tarnish your brand. The reason behind this is when you are wealthy, you probably have partners, and your way of making money or your companies are linked to you.

Once your reputation is tarnished, you may lose your connections, partners and many people won’t want to be associated with you. This is why rich people protect their brands at all costs and even go the extra mile to hire PR agents.

Well, that’s it for today’s topic. I hope you enjoyed it.

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