These 10 Signs Shows You Are Wasting Your Life

Well in this post, we’ll share you ten shocking signs that you are wasting your life.

You spend a lot of your time in useless things

You spend a lot of your time doing meaningless things.

If you’re the kind of person who spends a crazy amount of time scrolling through social media and playing video games and binging on series after series, the only advice to give you is to take life a little more seriously.

Phones indeed are a must-have in this day and age. And we need them to do certain things like communicate, buy stuff online and the like.

But sometimes we are so engrossed in our phones that we forget about all the other important stuff. It’s vital to know where your priorities lie, and they surely aren’t on liking people’s photos on Instagram and playing meaningless games.

Spending too much time on these activities shows how much of your life you’re wasting. Remember that as you chase the fake virtual world, you’re missing out on real life. Acknowledge the people around you. Gadgets can be good friends, but at times humans are so much better.

Always choose things to do in your free time very wisely. If whatever you’re busy doing right now doesn’t contribute to your future, consider re-evaluating your activities and start over to have a better future.

You are not sleeping well

The importance of sleep has been stressed more than enough. The 7 or 8 hours of shut-eye allows you to be well-rested and ready to tackle whichever plans you have.

However, some people think that sleeping is just a waste of time and should be spent doing more ‘important things that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sleep is important for a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies are used to a particular schedule, so it takes a while for your body to adapt when you mess your body clock. You end up feeling tired throughout the day when you don’t get enough sleep.

People with a purpose spend their day achieving their goals and are too tired to participate in pointless activities at night. If you are not ready to go to bed at the end of the day, likely, you aren’t utilizing your time in the best way possible.

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You spend a lot of time with people who have negative energy

There’ll always be people with negative energy in your life. It’s effortless to be in the company of such people who will always make you feel unhappy. And the reason you fail to call them on it is you’re under the impression that they are your friends when, in truth, they are energy suckers.

It’s important to identify such individuals and steer clear of them, or they’ll eventually drown you in all their toxicity. This is one sure way to ensure you’re improving your life.

Spend time with people who make you better and a happier person instead of those who discourage you and bring you down. Be with people who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. These are the people who will pick you up when you fall. Be wise when choosing those you’re spending time with.

You like to be in your comfort zone

People remain in their comfort zone out of fear of what they’ll find when they step out of it. It must feel nice being wrapped around that bubble you keep yourself in, but doing so only denies you the opportunity to experience what life has to offer.

All those successful people out there didn’t reach where they were by being comfortable all the time. They pushed themselves out of it in search of greatness. You’re wasting your life by just staying where you are. Human beings are creatures of habit.

It’s tough to break out of a routine once we’ve settled into it. Each time you choose to resist change, you halt your progress and hold onto what’s familiar as it brings a sense of comfort. You’ll never move forward if you’re too scared to do things that can better your life.

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You do not plan for the future

Someone who has no plans for the future isn’t living; they’re merely existing. It’s great living in the here and now, but not having bigger plans is like being in a raft drifting away, waiting to land wherever the tide takes you.

We only get one shot in this life, and most of us allow time to fly by without doing anything fulfilling. Young people especially fall prey to this. Successful people don’t daydream. They fulfil their dreams.

A sure way to know that you’re on a crash course to self-annihilation is if you find it easier to get lost in your thoughts and fantasies instead of appreciating what’s around you. All the great minds will tell you how important it is to stay rooted in reality.

There’s nothing wrong with being thoughtful, but envisioning things without doing anything about them isn’t the same thing.

You’re not making the most of your time if you’re daydreaming and planning better scenarios in your head instead of making things happen. Formulating plans is fine and everything, but keep in mind that dreams don’t work until you do. Don’t waste your life building castles in the air.

You spend money on things that don’t matter

If you think about it, as long as you have food, water, loved ones and a roof over your head, you’re good to go. The rest are just extras or bonuses.

There are certain things we waste money on, and if someone were to ask you why you bought it in the first place, you’d honestly have no clue. Stuff shouldn’t be bought just because we can.

They should serve a purpose. While chasing after luxuries to keep up with their social status, some people ‘forget’ that they have debts and loans to pay off.

It’s fascinating how you always have money to update your wardrobe and purchase the latest iPhone, but never enough to pay your bills or invest in meaningful things. It’s important to keep track of your expenses.

Save money for your future. Please don’t waste it. If your happiness is obtained merely when you buy or receive material gifts, your mind is trying to tell you, and you aren’t doing anything worthwhile with your life. There are so many other ways to validate your self-worth.

You Babble too much.

Some people like complaining all the time. Nothing ever satisfies them. Their house is too small, and they aren’t earning enough. Nobody likes a complainer. Life can be unfair sometimes, but nothing good’s ever going to come out of complaining about it.

Don’t waste your time nagging about something. If it’s something you can change, do it. If you can’t, don’t focus too much on it.

Start thinking more positively and concentrate on the good. Appreciate life and try to find solutions and not problems. You might think that complaining about something is just a way of blowing off steam, but studies suggest otherwise.

Complaining draws you more and more towards negativity, and this gets worse the more you do it. So complaining doesn’t just eat into your time; it also makes it that much harder to be productive and happy. There’s no better way of wasting time than missing out on opportunities and joy because you were too busy complaining.

You don’t read much

Failing to read is yet another sign that you’re wasting your life. Some think that it’s all a waste of time, but that isn’t so. You stand to gain more than you lose.

Learning is an ongoing process. You don’t stop learning when you reach a certain age. Acquiring more knowledge enables your brain to grow and adjust to change.

The more your brain is active and engaged, the better it functions. The new challenges in life will give you the drive to achieve greater things each time.

So set aside time every day to feed your mind. This will give you self-satisfaction that will help you focus on your future.

You are too conscious about other people’s judgement

Worrying too much about what other people might think of you makes you put them first above all else, including yourself. It doesn’t help anyone if you rely on the opinions of others.

For some reason, you feel the need to make them happy, so you go to great lengths to please them. You fear rejection, and whatever they want becomes your number one priority.

It’s okay to want to be there for someone else; it’s part of human nature, but giving your all at your own expense isn’t worth it. You only lose yourself in the process.

You’ll be of more help to someone if you take care of yourself first. No one should chastise you for prioritizing your needs.

People with a vision don’t do this cause they’re too busy getting things done to listen to what people say about them. The opinions and judgement from those around you shouldn’t distract you from the path you’ve set for yourself. Work hard and let them think what they want to. Focus on you and what needs to be done.

You live the life to work

We live in a society where your success is dictated by the hours you work. Of course, we have to work to earn our keep, but when your life gravitates around your job, you miss out on all the other joys of life like your friends, family and new experiences.

Pursuing your career is one of the greatest things you could ever do in this life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing to define you. There is so much more you could do outside work that brings joy and delight.

Try and find some hobbies or activities that may interest you and take a break from your hectic work life. If the decisions you make or the way you react to situations are defined by your work, it might be time to take a hard look at your job and how much you’re putting into it.

Their jobs consume many people, and for some, it reaches a point that they can’t think of anything else. If this describes you, then consider hiring someone and delegating. You don’t have to be a one-person show to get ahead. You’ll live a happier and more fulfilling life if you create a life outside of work.

There’s no formula as to how to make the most out of life, but when you look at your life when you’re older, the things you value right now may have nothing on the things you wish you would have dedicated more of your time to.

Thank you all so much for reading. Have a great day, you guys, and I’ll see you all in the next one.

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